Minty’s Munchies came about through the experiences of the company’s owner (Jo) and her chocolate Labrador Minty. Back in 1997 Minty was born and entered into Jo’s life becoming her constant companion, her soul mate. Minty was fed on a complete dry feed as wet dog food upset her tummy. When Minty was four years old she showed signs of ill health excessive thirst, dull coat, lumpy skin, and loss of energy. The vets ran several tests and couldn’t find anything specific wrong so suggested using steroids, Jo was not keen to go down this route and being a complementary therapist and having started training in Animal Aromatics Jo decided that she would look closely at Minty’s diet and make some changes. The vets were convinced it was not anything to do with diet but agreed to hold off with steroids for the time being.  Jo changed everything, using her own knowledge and kinesiology Minty went onto a holistic diet made up of wholesome, natural ingredients not made of derivatives from animals/cereals as many dog foods are. Minty had always loved her veggies both raw and cooked so these were also increased. Immediately Minty’s condition improved and she never looked back, not once having to have a steroid! Overnight her drinking levels normalised and she began to get her zest for life back. 

On a trip to USA Jo went to an all natural speciality pet bakery and found dog treats made with 100% natural ingredients, no artificial ingredients, derivatives etc. and so on her return home started to experiment with her own recipes. Minty loved her new treats and would help with the baking and of course testing new recipes – her favourite job. Jo has baked dog treats for all her dogs and those of friends ever since. Minty and Jo were inseparable and Jo credits Minty for her life path as it is now. 

Sadly Minty is no longer with us but is still the driving force behind Minty’s Munchies, it is a passion of Jo’s to ensure all dogs have the opportunity to benefit from and taste organic, natural goodness.