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Our story

Minty's Munchies came about through the experiences of the company's owner (Jo) and her chocolate Labrador Minty.

Minty the Chocolate Lab

Back in 1997 Minty was born, in 2001 Minty showed signs of ill health – excessive thirst, dull coat, lumpy skin, and loss of energy. The vets ran several tests and couldn't find anything wrong so suggested using steroids, Jo was not happy about this so having started training in Animal Aromatics and looking into animals diets and how these can affect health Jo decided that she would look closely at Minty's diet and make some changes. The vets were convinced it was not anything to do with diet but agreed to hold off with steroids for the time being.

Jo changed everything, using her own knowledge and kinesiology Minty went onto a Fish and Rice diet (wholesome, natural ingredients not made of derivatives of animals/cereals as many dog foods are) and started to feed additional vegetables to Minty. Immediately Minty's conditioned improved and she never looked back, not once having to have a steroid! On a trip to USA Jo went to a speciality pet bakery and found dog treats made with 100% natural ingredients, no artificial ingredients, derivatives etc. and so on her return home started to experiment with her own recipes...


Minty's Munchies is a speciality dog bakery specialising in natural treats for dogs all made with human grade ingredients.

Our products are 100% organic, all are wheat, corn and soy free and contain no derivatives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. The company is formed from Jo's passion for ensuring that dogs have fantastic, healthy treats that are great for their mind, body and spirit whilst at the same time giving the owner a feeling of great joy and happiness through great customer care and interaction and the sight of their dog enjoying something that they have bought for them.


Our goal is to ensure that dogs continue to have treats but that these treats are good for their health and owners understand the benefits of certain ingredients in their dog's diets. Because of our experience, the company can also offer guidance on how foods can affect dog's health and behaviours. With this in mind we aim to not just sell treats but also to educate owners on the benefits on feeding their dogs the best they possibly can.


The company also offers holistic therapies for dogs both at the premises and remotely, these therapies include Animal Aromatics where the animals select essential oils, herbs and clays to help rid their bodies of both emotional and physical ailments.

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Minty’s Munchies s registered with DEFRA and Trading Standards, our products are tested as required and all undergo nutritional analysis, all packaging is environmentally friendly.